LATEST NEWS!!! P.S.T.I. SECURITY PROVIDES SAFETY & SECURITY at  "THE EGG"!!! (Tactical Training visit our upcoming events for latest training news! NEED DIGNITARY/PERSONAL PROTECTION GIVE US A CALL, Terminated employees, Jewelry runs, separation's, travel needs, escorts, CALL PSTI! )
At P.S.T.I. Security we provide our clients with competitive rates, however in the event our prices may not be as low as our competitors we believe providing quality professional safety and security service takes precedence. Although we  appreciate and want to retain your business, losing a client do to cost fails in comparison to losing a client do to inadequate and sub standard services. This could result in years of pain staking effort to rebuild our companies reputation. Here at P.S.T.I. we pride ourselves on knowing that we have satisfied all of our clients and to date have not had any complaint's about the services we provide! This is a direct result of the training and the experience our guards bring to the table. We have and continue to exceeded our clients’ expectations in providing them with superior safety and security services. We take enormous pride in providing a high level of service to our clients. P.S.T.I understands the importance of good customer relationships and the direct impact this has on the future growth of our company. That’s why our dedicated staff and representatives of P.S.T.I. are fully prepared and ready to meet with our future potential clients to discuss their needs on any occasion.
At P.S.T.I. our clients will receive quality services at a very competitive rate. Our qualified team of experts includes Law Enforcement officials, Military personnel, and highly motivated and well-trained Security Officers. At P.S.T.I. we are completely aware and understand what is necessary to ensure our clients are receiving the quality safety and security services they deserve. We understand that providing quality training to our officers is absolutely paramount to mitigate potential legal liabilities for our clients.   All of our security officers here at P.S.T.I. are trained by Professionals who have years of experience in Law Enforcement, Military, and or Government run Agencies.  Our Security Officers are well trained  in areas such as Homeland Security, Physical & Mechanical Restraint Techniques, Report Writing, Legal & Liability Issues, Safety, Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard, Bio-Chemical Hazards and Terrorism and much more. At P.S.T.I. we take pride in our work and value the needs of our clients. 

Our meticulous screening process and extensive training, ensure that P.S.T.I.’s Security Officers are ready for any circumstance that may arise.  Unlike our larger competitors P.S.T.I. makes certain we have well trained Officers on site all the time. Our clients can be assured and take pride in knowing that at P.S.T.I. we don't just fill vacancies with the first person that comes along. Our clients can be re assured knowing with P.S.T.I. there are always qualified and well trained Guards on site. We take great pride in the professionalism and appearance of our Security Officers as well. At P.S.T.I. we believe these are key components to ensure the growth and success of our clients and P.S.T.I.. 
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